"I can't tell you how many times I have come in broken and left whole. Ereene has a true gift and amazing talent. Her healing massages and bodywork have the power to take you to a far-away, magical, blissful place."

-Jules S.

“Ereene was absolutely amazing. From customer service to hospitality to listening to my needs and following through with addressing them, I could not be more pleased. She did not leave anything to be desired and touched on every body concern I highlighted with her pre-massage. This is my 5th massage since being pregnant and the only one I left feeling completely satisfied and all my aches melted away. Her body work is incredible and I look forward to another session post pregnancy since I’m due in 2 weeks. She’s a beautiful person both inside and out!”

-Angela H.

“Ereene was very skilled and I appreciated her communication in asking about pressure, target areas, comfort as well as making me feel comfortable in my postpartum body.”

-Meg C.

“I am still basking in the glow of Ereene’s incredible deep tissue massage. She was consultative at the start, and was extremely present during the duration of the massage ensuring that the pressure was correct and that I was comfortable. I don’t often get massages, but this massage was such a incredible experience that Ereene just might have converted me.”

-Mona H.


I’ve been waking up with headaches lately and Ereene suggested a jaw massage. I’ve never had one but my headache lifted soon after. So grateful for her healing hands!

— Jeanne Y.

Ereene is a petite powerhouse! I am so thankful to her for the amount of strength and pressure she used. My only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner.

— Jess K.

5 stars for Ereene! I’m definitely coming back to see her. Like most people, I have a sedentary office job which does no good for my back and shoulders especially (I know, I really should get up more, but I am lazy plus it’s hard to leave your desk when you get in the zone) and lately I’ve been having mild back pain and tightness in my neck and shoulders. Now I feel like Gumby. Ereene was also really nice, super knowledgable about massaging, and very considerate about pressure.

— Stephanie G.